I am looking for a duet for me and my female partner (i am male btw) to do for our regional talent show [new faces]. If you have any good suggestions please share. I have been playing guitar for 6 years and she has playing the viola for, ummm, a really long time.

help please
I play the viola

If you have the patience to transcribe it, Bartok wrote a lot of cool viola duets...

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Autumns Monologue - From Autumn To Ashes
The Fiction We Live - From Autumn To Ashes

they're the same song, but one's a chick singing, and the other one is a dude.
if you mix the two together it would sound awesome
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All of these seem like great suggestion but this is more of serious duet.
I mean we are both in All-District/All-State Choir and are even going to Disney World for our concert choir to sing at the new years eve.
One option i thought of was Time after Time, but i need to find a good version.