I have an Epi Les Paul, and Vox 100w.

is it possible to get the sound of The guitar in Can't Stop, by RHCP?

Fender American Deluxe Strat is on the way, would that be better?
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strat, middle pickup, and i think john has his pickups modded somehow too.

i dont think he uses the middle pickup, and his pickups are vintage (reverse wound)

and he strums the riff with the rest of the strings muted, thats what gives it the thick sound
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I sort of get a similiar sound on my First Act on the neck pickup which is sunk really low into the body, and it is a little twangy... The combination of low output single coils+ sunk low into the body could possibly bring you that sound.
Its in his hands. He strums all of the strings (more or less) and palm mutes everything but the one note at a time you're hearing. Its a decently heavy and natural attack, thats how you get that sound. Plus the strat style and low to mid (probably mid) pickup's activated helps announce the sound.
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My best advice like some of the guys said is to mute the strings and go to town on your guitar. Pound away at those strings while muting them!!!
Strat or Tele bridge pickup, some power amp OD, mute the strings like the others said.
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Strat or Tele bridge pickup, some power amp OD, mute the strings like the others said.

Push the amp to the point where it's starting to break up when you play hard double-stops or chords. Then you strum hard, mute and sorta rake. It's a very different tone to playing it regularly - it just doesn't sound 'right'.
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well yeah like others said. use the bridge pickup.. treble 8, mid 3, bass 5 ... most important thing is that strum it tho.. if u pick the notes individually it won't sound anything like it good luck!

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I thought he used his Tele for Can't Stop? (Don't kill me I'm not a fr00sh worshipper)

He does live, but we can't be sure about the studio.

Also I rememver making this exact thread awhile ago. Good times.
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