i'm looking for suggestions of songs that are begginning level fingerpicking songs...
please and thank you
Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac

harder than dust in the wind, but definitely do-able
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We're going to be friend by the White Stripes is a very easy fingerpicking song that you can easily sing along to as well.

After that maybe Blackbird by the Beatles.
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After that maybe Blackbird by the Beatles.

i figured out the Brokeback Mt theme whilst learning that song D=
definately try We're Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes, very easy to finger pick that one and sing along too, and also Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton is a very good finger picking song and shouldnt take too much practice until you can sing and play that one at the same time

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Yes tears in heaven is a good one. it was my first finger picking song and i played it all the time. or you could try Broken by Seether. another good one.
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Angelina-Tommy Emmanuel
that song is damn challenging to learn
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