I've been listening to this song on Brand New's new Album (DAGARIOM, fans will know what this means). Its called Welcome to Bangkok, and it is instrumental. However, i have never been good at tabbing (i stuffed up the Zephyr song by RHCP) and sounds like a wiked song. It has at least two guitars and maybe a couple of synthesizers in it, but it is a mad song.

I would appreciate if anyone could tab this song, as it about the only song on the album that has not been tabbed, but is by far the wickedest. I can send it as an attachment via email if you cannot find it. Thanks a million.
yay nice to see a brand new fan. BEST BAND EVAR
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yay nice to see a brand new fan. BEST BAND EVAR

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I'll work on it for you, I've been wanting that song myself.

I think I figured out the acoustic part, it's only a matter of whether or not I can get the heavy part. Shouldn't be too hard.
thanks guys, i havent been able to reply, been busy,

I'm the same with the acoustic part, the chords, i think ive got them but the timing is a little bit off
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