I have a facial hair question.
What's the best way to make it grow faster?
Shaving it lots, or shaving once every month or two?
more u shave, the faster and harder ur hair grows
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How old are you? Just let it grow.

It all depends on your ancestry too. There's no way to make it grow faster or thicker. It takes time and hormones. If you want it to look thick, don't shave.
the more you shave it the faster it grows back... as soon as you shave and it starts growing back shave again
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Shave every like 3-4 weeks. I'd be careful though unless you want an insanely thick mustache.
Masturbate a lot too, the testosterone build up helps it grow thick and hard (the hair too).
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mustache? you better be african

anyway you should probably shave it every few days for a long time, so you can check on the progress. thats what i did for my gotee. when summer started i decided to stop shaving it, a few weeks in and it got a lot thicker. by the end of the summer i was about an inch and a half in to having the scott ian thing going, so ive kept it neat and trimmed and it looks nice and full

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i want this moustache

but i hate this one


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shaving won't make it grow back faster.

why do u think whenever girls shave their legs, the hair grows back faster and thicker..
sex, drugs, and rock and roll have turned into aids, needles, and techno..
im 15
and i ****ing hate shaving to the point the school makes me do it ... cause i won't do it at home
basically youll want to have facial hair at first...then youll realize its not worth shaving all the time.
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lol, I'm 14 and have to shave every 3 days if I want to look decent...
just keep shaving, it wont make it thicker, but the hair that is already there will LOOK thicker because the ends are no longer pointed.

Like skeptopotamus said, how fast and how much hair you get is dependent on genetics and hormones.