I just started my lessons and I feel like I have a good hold on it right now. I was just wandering how long it took you to really start understanding bass and it became somewhat natural to you?
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I had played guitar for quite a while before picking up bass, but at first i tried to play bass like i did gutiar lol after about 5 months or so I really started "getting it" and playing the instrument for what it was.
I don't think its a sudden "eureka" moment. Its a process where you have gradual understanding and then you break through to the next level. I had one this summer when I got a new bass and suddenly my teacher and several others remarked, how I "found my groove" and personal style. This is why I recommend you record yourself on a regular basis, its amazing to go back and hear just how far you've come in your playing and not even realised.
For me it's been the recent months, no doubt. Just this summer i got together with two other people and started a band, and I have really found my style. Before I was in one of the slumps but now I honestly look forward to coming home and playing each day, I have that fresh outlook on my instrument again and I'd say that really helped me become a better bassist and feel as if I was like one with the instrument, as lame as it to say, I think that sounds about right.

You don't just all of a sudden become one with your bass, it will come in waves. And they will come when you least expect it. Anything can really trigger it. For me, it was playing a different style of music that originally got me to be able to play bass as an extension of myself.

Recently I've had a couple breakthroughs. One happened last spring while taking a course on Theory and Composition. I already knew all the theory, but the new approaches and writing exercises brought out a lot in my playing.

And personally I feel like I've had another "evolution" in my playing. After I moved back in to college, I only brought my fretless bass, since I wanted to become 100% proficient with it. Since then I've found my playing and composition has become more rhythmic, and harmonic based. I'm often having to use alternate tunings to get the harmonics I want.
Maybe I should have worded that differently. I kind of meant, when I realize that it's actually possible to practise and improve and become one. More the realization than the actual "doing." It's hard to explain.
I originally started playing using a pick. I was pretty good at that in a partical sense after about 4 months. I could lay down normal rock type bass lines and keep rhythem and such, but I was by no mean comfortable with it. I could play just well enough to keep up. After playing with a pick for 4 months I realized how much more befeicial using fingers is and had to basically relearn in almost every aspect.

Now I'm pretty good. My friends are hugely impressed, but I assume that's because they have zero exposure to good bass players so they think I'm great. I can fingerpick much better now and currently use a 3 finger pattern. I still have some trouble fretting quickly though, as my hands are a little on the smaller side and the frets on my bass are so much larger than on my 6 string.
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the night i bought it, i was at grade 6 guitar and that night when i bought it i didn't stop playin all night and ended up with blisters on all 4 fingers on my right hand from popping. good times.
I don't think there was a moment where I found I got it. I know I improved a lot after getting my second bass though, the first one had held me back because it was a piece of crap with the action far too high.
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After around a year and a half of playing I spent a little time looking back over what I had found challenging in the time I had played bass, and it was then I realised just how far I'd come. It was like climbing a huge mountain, I was a long way off the ground and surprised at how far I'd actually come, but there was still a long way to go, and another 2 years on I've come further but still have a right old mission ahead of me.
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