I can't decide between the 2 guitars.
I play mostly hard rock and metal but need a good clean 2 for blues
Any help?
schecter dude all the way
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Get the Schecter. It'll do all 3 of those just fine.

I'm not a fan of Gibson Specials. They have horrible quality control.
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the general consensus is to stay away from Gibson Faded's. bad quality control. the c-1 classic, however, is amazing. made outside the states but no big deal, way better than a faded gibson. and it will do all 3 of those fine.
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i agree. if you want a faded, try it out in the store because every single one will be different. either way, V's are so impractical to use imho.

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as much as you are gonna be tempted by owning the name gibson, who wouldnt, go for the classic, plays and looks spectacular.
I'd get a C-1 Elite/Plus and then buy new pickups for it.
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Try them both out. There have been numerous satisfied Faded series owners. According to Gibson, the Faded series are standard Gibson models with an asthetic defect in the wood that didn't pass QC.

I would go with the Schecter, having played them both however...
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^ that really depends on many a factor. a £3000 gibson is going to be better quality. but probably not worth the extra £2000+

paintjob on fadeds looks so turd but if you like i say find a good one and get it. you could always paint it properly. if your local guitar shop doesnt stock a bunch of them then go with schecter for ease of mind that you'll get good quality
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Schecter, i dunno if it has the Duncan Designed pickups or not,but if it does switch them out for the real thing

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I'd definitely say schecter if the other option is a faded v.
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Why dont you just get an ESP guitar? They are great for those price ranges, and are made for metal! The necks are awesome and they have good QC!