I was talking to my friend at lunch today and he said that him and his dad are going to work on their own guitar from scratch. I hear from many UGer's in this thread too about them making their own guitars like "yeah, i'm putting on EMG's and grover tuner's, It'll be waaayyyyyy better than a gibson." But everyone has to remember that it doesn't take amatures to make fretboards, do wiring, make a body, and paint it as good as the others, but anyways, lets get to the real question i was wondering, have any of you started to make a guitar from scratch and actually go through with it, and how hard was it?
i was thinking about buying a saga tele kit. are they any good?
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Go look at the Gear Building & Customizing section. Tons of people have made their guitars from scratch.
if it's his first guitar suggest that he buys a body, or at least fret board pre-made. it's a lot of work to do it yourself.
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Go look at the Gear Building & Customizing section. Tons of people have made their guitars from scratch.

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Making it from scratch would be hard. You'd have to grow a tree, cut it down, cut it right.... Lets not go any farther.

Buy a good body, buy a neck that would fit you. Get it already painted etc. Just make sure you like it, and get the woods that you like.

It's hard to do. You can personally pick your pickups too.
my woods teacher told me last year that if i take woods 2, that i could build a guitar, just buy a kit and then make it in his class and pass.
thus im in woods 2 this year and he doesnt want me to make a guitar at all.
so instead im either making a treasure chest or a life size t-rex coat hanger.
Treasure chest for sure!

Make a wooden leg too! You'll need it one day.

Seriously though.. Threadstarter there are about 49869324875 guitar builds in the thread that is so obscurely named: GEAR BUILDING & CUSTOMIZING....
There is an entire forum about building guitars.
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I'm actually in a carpentry class and I'm asking my teacher if we could work on making one. Dunno what type of anything I want yet though ha
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oh, so i'm guessing a lot of ppl pulled it off. I'll tell him to get an account and make some forums there.
My Tech10 teacher is building a guitar. And yes ive nearly finished a project.
im building 3 or 4 when i go to luthier school, i only get to keep two, thats how they make their money, good idea. kids build 4, keep the first two, they sell the second two.

Also, to above poster - The Saga kits are pretty much crap. The body cavities are nasty, the neck cavity didnt fit, the holes didnt line up on he neck and the body, the frets were sharp and uneven. everyone look into Grizzly guitar kit - amazinggggg guitars.