I play a lot of down tuned stuff and I was planning on replacing my strings with Ernie Ball .4x or .5x strings which would be better for lower tunings. Here's my question:

I play lots of stuff that's in Drop C and the like, but I also play standard tuning. Will strings around .4x or .5x be detrimental to my playing in standard tuning? Which is better, .4 or .5? Also, what's the difference between all the slinky-ness levels with Ernie Ball strings? Let's say you guys convince me to go with .4x's, do I want Regular Slinky (.46), Super Slinky (.42), Not Even Slinky (.44)?

Thanks for the help guys, and sorry if this thread has been done before. I did a search but didn't really want to sift through 10 pages of results.
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i think itd still be fine, only way to find out if they're for you is to give em a try
also you'll have to adjust teh action since the lower strings in standard may have so much tension in standard, be so strong, they raise the action some
i had the problem when i switched from .010 to .012
If you like using drop tuning ur better off getting heavy bottoms and slink tops for solos
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