So what is the fastest internet speed that you can get i mean like dsl, dial up, and that suff? i have dsl but a rather slow ass ping i was wondering if i bought a new wireless router, would that make it any faster in any areas.?thx speed test
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generally your fastest internet speed is if you are wired directly to your modem and router. In other words wireless tends to make your internet go slower most of the time unless you have really slow "broadband" internet such as very slow cable or dsl. If you are physically wired to your router and your router to your modem then you are going to get the fastest speed possible with your service.

In California where I live we have Charter Internet. Some areas have Comcast or any of a few dozen different vendors. Charter Cable Modems are supposed to be 3 Meg internet. They also have a 5, I think a 7, and a 10 meg service but you need to be paying for business service to get the 7 and 10 I believe. I dont think they offer it for personal plans right now in my area. Anyway 3 meg personal is like 29 on promo pricing up to 49 with TV service and 59 without TV service. 3 meg business is 99 bucks so I can only imagine what a 10 meg service would cost.

Dont let 3 meg fool you... it's the slowest damn 3 meg I've ever had where I'm living. My neighbors must be torrent freaks. The Activity light blinks off once every 50-70 seconds during the day. In the evening it blinks off about every 20 seconds but otherwise it's solid on. When I lived in Maryland I had Comcast service. They had 3 meg service too and it was WAY faster then here and the light actually stayed off for 5-7 seconds randomly throughout the day.

DSL service comes in very very slow speeds like 256k, 512k, 768k (1 Meg == 1000 or 1024k depending on who you ask.. usually 1000 in the industry even though it's supposed to be 1024.) DSL also depending on the company can come in 1.5 meg, 2 meg, 3, and 5 too. Depending on the company you might be able to get more but not likely as it's usually some other technology such as "ATM" or some other phone voodoo they pass off as DSL.

Cable is possible to go all the way up to 45 meg service as a maximum but nobody offers that....nobody....

The japanese are doing some sort of creepy broadband thing to people's homes that TYPICALLY give them 60 megs or more. I have no idea what that is. And it's like 1/2 the price of Cable modem service in the US.

After that you need stuff like Verizon's "FIOS" service where they dig your yard up and run a fiber optic cable to the side of your house into a special box and then they mash 60-70 meg or something equally mind blowing service through a special coax type cable or something like that into your house. It's pretty much not available most places though... couple really huge cities.

for most people if dsl stinks get cable modem... if it stinks too figure out which one stinks the least and either stick with it or get it back.
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hi I test the speed of my internet in many sites I got the best speed results from here ip-details
my results are
I dont know the reason why my speed seems to be slow many of them said that if Cable Internet services share bandwidth with satellite Internet access.
If there are many subscribers using that same bandwidth, it can slow down the connection.
kindly guide me how to solve this problem .
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EDIT: That's on a wireless connection too.
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I believe that site is rating it in Megabits, not Megabytes. 1 megabyte = 8 megabits.

I could be wrong though... but mine says 14 Mb/s. In megabytes, that's totally wrong, so I converted it megabytes from megabits and it comes out to 1.75 megabytes per second, which seems about correct.

Not bad for being on a wireless connection.....and it's free interwebz
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Oh yeah

The one i get whilst in my classes.

At home it's even better.


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