My Band is extremly close to recording an album. We have a small budget, and what the question is, How does a typical album take to record. We have 11 originals, ranging from 4 to 12 minutes.
as long as you need to make an album, and how much studio time you have and how much money you have to pay for studio time.

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The best thing to do to save time for yourselves is to get your songs tight before you get in there
Why record all of the songs? You are better off spending as much money as possible to record 3 of your best songs at really good quality. That way you can start using those songs to build your press kit, get some airplay if possible, etc. Leave the 12 minute songs OFF of that EP. Recording full albums needs to be reserved for national acts and bands that are more experienced and have built a decent fan base for their region.
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It depends how well rehearsed you are, but I'd follow Dutch_Apples advise.
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Metallica spent 9 months recording the Black Album...!!

It depends on your budget...
Generally in a 6 hour studio session, the most you can done properly is 2 songs.

You can get an expensive sound engineer who can finish recording your whole album in 3 days....
Or you can get a cheaper sound engineer who will take a week to record your album in proper studio quality.

Generally recording albums take anything from a couple of weeks to months...
Depending on how much you're willing to spend and how much work you wanna put into it!!
I'd have to agree with Dutch Apples. Pick your best 3-5 songs and record those. Save recording an entire album for when you have a record deal.
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But seriously it varies. for example
Ramones - Let's go! - 6000$/5 days
G'N'R' - Chinese Democracy 13 years, 13 million dollars.
But I'd say record a few songs on an ep first.
I agree with Dutch_Apples. Save the full-length for when you're big. Just do a 4-7 track EP and sell it for like $8.
^ i disagree, i say use whatever you have and can afford. if you can afford to record all your songs then i say go for it. but thats just me, my first "album" was/is 13 songs and some of them are longer than average. i did that though because when i buy/get an album i want a full cd worth of good music, not just 3 or 4 good songs. but that's just me from a listeners standpoint.
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when i buy/get an album i want a full cd worth of good music, not just 3 or 4 good songs
True that...
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Hmm personally I'd go for the EP as well - figure out what songs are the strongest. Better a fantastic EP than a mediocre album.
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Usual Press kit will include:

Copy of the CD
Bio of the band (keep it brief but include everything important)
Achievements (tag it onto the bio really, list things like competition placings, selling out venues, etc.)
Reviews of CD/performances (if you have them)
Some photos (not too many)

Don't do the whole: Person X plays this type of guitar through thisa amp with these pedals... etc.

Would be nice to have some sort of themed/headed paper to have it printed on to give a professional look (assuming your not a punk band from the 12 minute song ))

There's nothing wrong with doing an album either if you really want. My band might be recording one even though we're not very big. If we do we'd record it ourselves which is what I'd recommend; much better because it would cost a ridiculous amount of money to pro. record a full album. Make sure you get the EP properly done though if you're intending it to send
my band recorded like, 10 songs and it took us almost two 6 hour sessions to complete, but our songs are reletively short. if your tight enough, it should only take two takes, so you can just buzz through them all and let the guy do his magic. i'd just book sessions on two days, and then see how many you can do, just record them in order of priority.
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My Band is extremly close to recording an album. We have a small budget, and what the question is, How does a typical album take to record. We have 11 originals, ranging from 4 to 12 minutes.

depends on the band. stevie ray vaughan did his first album in two days. if you have all the songs down and practiced and you know what you want done, then it doesnt need to take too long.
My band is running into the 8th month of recording our 7 song EP. We spent alot of time and money getting this 1st one to sound amazing (and it does, sig check!). 1st impressions are always good, and I wouldn't want to release a crappy ep to promote our band. Forget the 12 song EP and take your 3-5 best ones. Besides, during the time you are recording and mixing and such you might write an even better song that you had before. Not only that if you are submitting your cd to labels, they won't even bother going to the last 11 tracks if the 1st two they hear suck, but they might listen to the last 3 if there are only 3 left. "ok these 1st two suck, but i'm almost halfway there, maybe something good will pop up in these last songs..". Go for quality. If I hear a band on myspace and the quality of the cd is horrible, I could care less how good the music is if it just sounds like crap.
Depends, I prefer an album to an ep. Albums (generally) have more of a theme to them, not just a catchy few songs. But that's obvious.

I would recommend if you're in a band, EP is the way to go and quality is paramount. Blow them away with QUALITY and it'll make the music that much better.