Well, this is the first time I've submitted something. I have quite a great number of songs, all are around a year or two old. This is one of my favorites, because it's very personal. So, I figured I might as well put it up here. Blast away.

Remember the pigeon that landed and broke its wing?
We tried so damn hard to fix it and make it sing.
But instead in its gentle tears it died,
And with your head to my chest you cried.

And you called me cold and you called me slate.
Your eyes were filled with tears and your heart with hate.
I was crying for us both but your love made you blind.
And I did the same; I thought of you as unkind.

But I can see it now and I can cry too.
I guess at the time it was too simple to do.
Because after it was in the past you said to my face:
“The ocean has enough tears; it doesn’t need anymore from you.”

How sad it all is now we’ve left and gone away.
The places we loved went with the games we would play.
It was weeks until I saw you alone in the street,
You were hidden around your broken corner.

I took you home and gave you a drink to feed.
You talked about the pigeon that made you bleed.
Counting all your bruises and covering them with lies.
Just try to pretend that it’s a story now.

I tried to get it and I tried to understand,
But I just couldn’t throw outstretched my hand.
And as you cried on about your savage life, I said cruely:
“The ocean has enough tears; it doesn’t need anymore from you.”
Sincerely, Chad.
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