Hi, any BFG owners out there? I just got mine today in the mail, and I love the look and the weight and the tone, but I have a question: I was expecting the BB#3 pickup to be extremely hot, but with it set pretty high and the P-90 set just at the level of the top, the P-90 seems like the stronger pickup. Anybody notice that? I just don't know if this is normal or an issue.
Congrats on the new guitar. Try not to give me gas with pics.

If your talking on clean channels, neck pickups usually are louder. P90's are pretty potent in the first place.

I don't really know how you would go about fixing this problem other than rolling back on the volume knob a bit because I've never played it.
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That's funny.

You can get the humbucker switched out for something hotter if you want.

Keep the P-90 though. Great cleans and distortion with those things
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Thanks guys,
You know you're right, it was when I was testing it clean that the p-90 sounded louder. The back pickup sounds really good with distortion and it's got amazing clarity. Thanks for easing the concern factor!
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Yeah nice guitar man, give us some photos.

I loved the one I played when I was testing amps. Even for metal kinda stuff the p-90 in the neck cuts through the mix for soloing and stuff.

I didn't like the burstbucker 3 either though, but I'm not really a fan of gibson pickups in general. Maybe swap it out for a bare knuckle nailbomb or something.

Gibson pickups tend to hold some decent value when you're selling them so you'll probably make enough money to get a nice SD or add a bit for a bare knuckle.

Seriously though.. pics! What colour did you get? The black ones are so sexy.
Thats the only gibson guitar I'd bother getting...its just so beautiful..
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The Gibson Burstbuckers are not hot pickups, they were designed to replicate the original PAF tone as accurately as possible (explaining why there are four or five of them).

Perhaps if you're thinking of shopping for an aftermarket pickup, try the Bare Knuckle Mule. The Mule is voiced very similar to the Burstbucker Pro, but is a bit hotter. The Nailbomb is a step in a completely different direction, it's much more modern sounding and VERY hot.
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Yeah I demand pictures. I know there's quite alot of hate amongst the purists against the BFG, but I think it's awesome. Got some great hardware in there.
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I'll try to get some pictures up later this week. (Got to get a camera) Tried to upload the pic I've got but the file is too big.
It's a trans gold one and I really like the color and worn finish. The top isn't nearly as rippled as I thought it would be, it's quite smooth with just a little scalloping that you can feel as you run your finger along it.
I put some Thomastick Powerbrite strings on it, did the intonation with my strobostomp, lowered the P-90 a little and sound is really starting to come together.
Thanks for all the input!
upload the pic to photobucket and then post the link

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