UG, I come to you in my time of indecision.

While surfing craigslist, I found an add for a Jackson RR3 Pro Series. The man is selling the guitar, including a hardshell case (that he claims cost him $130), for $350, asking price (but I've got a bit o' the irish in me, it's not REALLY $350 )

My question, what does UG think of this price for this guitar? (this is before seeing it btw) He had it listed about 2 weeks ago for $400, too.

My dilemma - I don't know if I want to buy it, but if it's a (very) good deal, I may be inclined to buy it. Also, my Carvin DC400 should be coming soon, and i dropped like $1400 on that sucker, and about a month ago I bought my 4501.

The article says...

Jackson RR3 Rhoads Pro Series
Dark Blue
Couple Years Old
Used , some minor wear on the frets from use and a couple nicks on the body
Otherwise its in great shape
Hot pickups scream
Jumbo Frets
Very fast , thin neck
Floyd Rose licensed double locking tremolo

Comes with hardshell case which is worth 130 bucks
more info on the guitar

Selling for $350 firm
broke a string the other day and replaced it quickly , tremolo needs some adjustment and I dont have to time to do it. Slight fret buzz until its readjusted
will throw in cable if wanted
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I'll tell you right now, once you get that Carvin in your hands you won't want another guitar.
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Quote by Doodleface
I'll tell you right now, once you get that Carvin in your hands you won't want another guitar.

I was kinda thinking that too.

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an awesome price, but im too picky and i would only but if it was black or white

I was actually thinking of that too. I'm not a fan of the dark blue, but I could (technically) take off everything (it's a bolt-on neck) and give 'er a paintjob.

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I saw that on Craigslist about 5 Minutes ago. I'm From Vancouver as well.

Haha awesome
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^ that's a pretty awesome find
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not really though, epiphones are horrible. only very few are decent. All of them need work. My epiphone's frets were un even, there's a bump or two on the back of the neck.
Dude. Just wait for your Carvin!
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.