All bass forum goers. I'm slowly phasing out my old Digitech BP80 and would like to get a decent fuzz box for my bass (part of an overall equipment overhaul, new guitar and Amp are on the way too hopefully.) Right now i'm looking at a Dunlop MXR Bass Blowtorch, A Snarling Dogs Bootzilla, or a Digitech Bass Driver. The question is, does anyone know of other Fuzz boxes. or have any opinion on these. I like to do my research and cover my bases, since i don't have alot of spare cash. Any and all help is appreciated. thanks guys
The Bootzilla is a fuzz wah. The others are not really Fuzz pedals at all. A "true" fuzz pedal would be a ZVex Woolly Mammoth, EHX Big Muff, Chunk Systems Brown Dog Fuzz, Colorsound ToneBender, etc.
Do you want a fuzz or distortion? People often confuse Overdrive, Fuzz and Distortion, they're all very different.
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Well, i'm looking for fuzz, but i'm not against other types of distortion. One of the reasons i'm looking at the digitech is because the morph function on it allows it to mimic the digifuzz, which was the fuzz my original BP80 supposedly mimicked. I already have an EHX big Muff, and while i like it on my guitar, i don't care for the sounds it gives my bass. Thanks for the other ideas though charlatan, i'll go check some of those out too.