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I was checking out this website where you can buy your own kit to construct a mandolin or ukulele (they have other things there such as parts for guitars and such) and I wanted to know if anyone has one of these kits.....do they sounds decent??

The reason being is that I'm looking at getting something nice for my father....he got me into music...bought me my first guitar...having me listen to the likes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Creedance Clearwater Revival as I was growing up...

The man loves to work with tools as well.....but before I go buying him a gift he would really appreciate I just want to know if I'd be buying a piece of ****.
Any thoughts?

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Stewart Macdonald is VERY reliable. I love their kits, and find that they are of the highest quality. Look no further.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Stewmac is a great place for all things guitars. The only two things that they don't offer that I feel they should are 1) individual tuners, and 2) a wider selection of pickups.

If you're going to get the mandolin kit, don't cheap out and get the campfire. Get the nicer ones.
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