I looked in the mirror and what I saw was so much testosterone
that I could've shit.
My beard curls like an I-75 Flea Market sign with neon bulbs that
flashes from the Highway - "Ladies love my dick!"
Skull Lake pts. I through VXVLXXVIII put the big names on my
brands and the cone tits in my hands, but rejected them out of
respect for the music that Jeff Mangum was putting out from Georgia.
Well, Jesse recommended I do it.
And my cock!
Don't get me started!
It's so big it be like, "Daaaamn!"

This can all be filled with mindless jargon.
What can I do to hold someone's attention?
I can freestyle.
"I wanna wear your anus like a bracelet bitch.
I wanna feel your colon wrapped around my fist.
I'm gonna fuck you so hard that your kidneys shift.
'Cuz I'm the Colonator, bitch, you can't handle my dick!"
Legend status all bundled in a nice even que.
Safe for another year, I be.

I sit looking at the landing strip that I shaved into my pubic hairs.
Clear for take off.
I take pictures of moments like these and tack them to my wall,
next to a big chunk of bathroom tile from Wes Anderson's house.
"I give this to you," he said, "because you just get it man. If I could
ship every teenager that ever picked up a pen out to sea, I would."
"Thank you, Wesley," I replied. "You know, at this very moment it's like
you're Gail Wynand and I'm Howard Roark."
That was a book reference.
That's when someone writes a poem and puts some little reference
somewhere in a stanza. Most of the time it's something written in
French or something from a Passolini movie or some shit.
That reference was from The Fountainhead.
Not exactly a book for pretentious types, but I'm sure it will be soon because
the public appeal of my writing is universal.

I end this sitting in a raft on the Marrow Ocean.
It's boring out here.
I didn't charge my DS before I left for sail, so now I have to
sit and listen to the waves whisper:
Poor advice.
What do you get out of all of this, Randy?
Quote by stellar_legs

You make it seem like I've had a grudge against you for a long time, when in actuality I can't be bothered to care too much personally about people on this board.

Yeah, right.
The satisfaction of being alive. The realization of immortality among day-walkers.

You couldn't possibly understand my reasonings as of lately, but oh how glorious they are. Great things are around the corner for everyone who sticks around.
Poor advice.
o dag look I'm in the title.
I guess that means I have to read this.
HAHA, love.
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
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Quote by stellar_legs
^Yup, but he'll be back soon.

And we'll attack with a vengeance.

Ofc you will

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Yes it is.

Speaking of how universally loved I am, how come I never answered a fucking questionaire for WOTM? Slip someone's mind? Gotta save WOTM for the next 16 year old who writes a piece about a sailor finding a dead bird by a lighthouse?
Poor advice.
interesting, accurate, ultimately unimportant
love dead like a crushed fly

for those of you who said you'd be interested in hearing my lyrics put to music- I started work on recording an album, if you get in touch with me pm or otherwise I'd be more than happy to fill you in