i cant stand that song, but you did it pretty good
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singing is really good actually. almost entirely in tune, sounded real nice. Wasn't a big fan of the harsh transitions form chord to chord to chord. Almost sounded like you would stop to reposition your fingers then strum really hard. I'd work on making the transitions a little smoother. what do you use to record?
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sorry man, but i was expecting it to be better, judging by ur other covers. ur guitar work has been good, but not on this song. the chord transition is cringe worthy. vocals are good as usual tho

edit: if that was just a quick attempt, then ignore my comments above. im sure u can pull it off if u work on the chord transitions
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You sing real nice, you have a great voice especially for this type of song..
Its true though that you should try to make your chord transitions a little smoother, they sound hard and too loud..

Comment my video if you want: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=669260
Also plz rate/comment the video on the YouTube site itself.. much appreciated
Hey guys.. yea the chord transitions are the way they are because i was basically site reading it from a piano book i got a few days ago.. so once i actually learn the song it wont be that rough.. thanks for the crits i think ill give it a go.. ill get to ur stuff too =)
your voice is great... this song when played requires alot of soul when singing and playing (and to me the lead guitar gives it the bluesy feel that compliments the soul required to sing it)

id like to hear the whole song once you're done