I have a book with a bunch of Diminished and Dominant runs. are these good things to learn ? What purpose to they serve ? Would they help with developing technique and speed ?
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Diminished and a lot of dominant runs can be used to create tension. If you're a metaller they could sound good over anything for a tense (or evil ) sound. For other uses the dominant runs are useful over dominant 7th chords, the more tense ones especially over dominant seventh chords which resolve (to create tension before the release). I wasn't really sure when diminished runs fit over chords, so I looked on wikipedia.

"The whole-half diminished scale is commonly used in conjunction with diminished harmony (e.g. the "C dim" harmony) while the half-whole scale is used in dominant harmony (e.g. with a "G7♭9" harmony.) In more advanced improvisation, the scale may be used in other circumstances, for example with a minor-major chord"
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