Hey all, recently I've been thinking about buying an external hard-drive (basically just a box that sits beside your computer that stores things, sizes range from about 40-1000GB). Does anyone here have one? Are they worth it? The computer I currently use has 40GB of storage space which is as of now full, so I need something else unless I want to delete files in order to download. If I bought an external hard-drive, can I say store songs in it (.mp3 files) and then play them on the computer without actually having them on the computer, or does the external hard-drive simply store stuff and if I wanna use it I have to put it back on the computer. Could I say put a game in the external hard-drive then delete it from the computer and then play it normally since the external hard-drive is connected to the computer? Please help, thanks.
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I have a 250GB external and it is a blissful thing to have. I recently downloaded 26 gigs of South Park and my 60 gig laptop harddrive is too small for that. It is very handy if you are planning on dealing with huge files.
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Yes you can play stuff directly from the drive. I have quite a few actually. if you get a relatively nice one I imagine you could play a game off of it. But playing music/movies/etc. is a definate!

I recommend getting one
I'm pretty sure it works the same as a regular hard drive. Plug it in and run files off it. Go to your local tech store and ask them all the questions that you have. They would be best to point you in the right direction and give you the best product for your applications, then go to tiger direct and buy it at a big discount haha
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My 320 GB external just came today, actually, and I'm busy backing up all my stuff on it as I type this. It's very nice having all this extra disk space, as well as knowing that if my computer fucks up, I have all my important data backed up.
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Ok thanks guys, this helps alot. I will visit my local PC store and find out. They sound good from what I've heard.
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They work the same as normal hard drives or any other form of storage device.

They may not work at the full capacity of a normal hard drive, but they are used mainly for storage purposes anyways.
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my laptop drive is 60gig and I was running out of space, so I got a 150gig external drive and moved my itunes library and all my movies onto it. That freed up about 40gb off of the main drive, so i've got a lot more flexibility when it comes to recording music.
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I got a 300 GB My-Book at Best Buy on sale for 100 bucks, and it's been awesome. Took awhile to move all the data to it and get my program paths all set up, but it's worth it.
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I have a 250GB one (cost about £60) - they're very useful to have, my laptop only has about 50GB, which is why I bought it.

If you can find one at a decent price, get one, I think mine was from www.dabs.com
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I've got a 462 Gig E.H.D.

They're great for storing music and applications.