Okay this is my portion of the experiment that my dear bear buddy brought home in a blue patterned suitcase with a sort of dime-sized hole in the bottom only barely holding in the strands of randomly torn at clothing that harbours within itself a glass pipe shaped as a giraffe blowing a smoke ring and holding up a throne on its head with a simple king of wheat who seems contrived and pretentious reading a book called treason for dummies, a vintage version. Carbon rings and Nitrogenous attachments and Oxygen too. Trinitrotoluene wet dreams of Hydrogen snatches and
twelve year old girls who smell like poison encased in comedy and astronomy and gypsy painted clothes. A tarantula with a donkey’s tail pinned on that can’t stop looking over it’s back for killer hornets and masked predators. I am not a good Chemist but I think that the nature of the experiment is such that it will yield eighty percent of the stoichiometric precision in crumpled exam paper crevices and fissures that bleed blue ink with nowhere to go but the landfill where it will most likely be burned and that is known as a combustion reaction but it smells ****ing terrible. I am not a good Christian but I think that from what I’ve read of the Bible that God will save us because he loves us everyone of us not a single one of us not and I like to know that I am just somebody else’s weird chemistry experiment gone wrong so I’m not a very good Christian and I think that bear will be happy with the production value. I am a pretty good thinker, I like to think about things when they seem interesting and I like this experiment it has a nice harvest-time smell with big buffalo shaped fumes. Blue-gray smoke plumes and clouds shaped like mushrooms are not healthy because I heard that mushrooms and smoke are bad for a guy’s lungs and it smells ****ing terrible. Like masturbation on the beach you know it’s getting unhealthy and somebody is going to lose an eye or get some in their mouth and then they will have a bad taste in their mouth for a long time because this experiment is dangerous but fun but only good if you make sure that you are wearing your safety goggles and an apron and don’t touch your eyes or snort any of the products or reactants and wash your hands very well afterwards or you might get syphilis. Review: Trinitrotoluene, Tarantula and some pretentious gypsy coated twelve year old girls with smelly snatches. I hate the smell of smoke or paint and when it gets in the cake but I like chemistry but I’m not a natural chemist so I’m not very good and I
smoked pot once or twice so I don’t think that my mind is up to the challenge, it’s all mushy and holy and filled with smoke and my throat hurts and I think I got some in
my eyes but that was what the bear was for he was for that and my eyes hurt and my nostrils burn and my face is red ‘cause it’s embarrassing and my throat is enflamed
and crusty and it smells ****ing terrible.
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The world would be a better place if people like you would hold a knife in front of their chests and just run into a fucking wall.

My name's Randy. I'm a regular here. And I forbid you from ever coming back.

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Poor advice.
I loved this. I don't know why and I'm not in the mood to look into it much (sorry) but I really enjoyed reading this for some reason or another. It was a little bit rambling in some parts in my opinion, though.

It was very appealing to me, in a unique sense.
Good stuff.
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If you did look into it and find something I would be afraid to meet you because if we looked each other in the eyes you would know my thoughts. So please, for the good of life as we know it do not sever this ignorance that exists between us as strangers. Nobody should know me that well. They would be my soul mate or direct opposite or something trippy like that.