Do you listen to Bright Eyes a lot? It sounds like something Conor Oberst might write, and your voice reminds me of his too. Anyway, I don't think there's enough chord movement. It feels like the song doesn't really go anywhere.

I think you should keep writing it though. Maybe go back and see what other chords will work over your melody.
I agree in saying it feels like it doesnt go anywhere but I wouldn't suggest going and changing the chords. Keep those, they give the beginning of the song a very tranquil feel to it. What I would do from there is try to develop a chord progression using the same types of chords that you have used, but try to expand them. What I mean by that is try to make chords build so that they lead somewhere, then you can enhance that climatic direction you have going through a different vocal melody. And if you wanted to go further, have a reprise of these chords as a conclusion.

But yes it is a good start.
As the angel kisses me once again
You scream poison as you glare
Your bow and arrow by your side
As if you cared

It's a mour......astral congregation