im a starter in learning guitars, may i know which songs should be easy to play to help me keep my fingers running. My fingers are real stiff.

Simple I-IV-V songs are great for begginers. I'd point you in the direction of Bob Dylan's - Blowin In The Wind, Mr Tambourine Man. Both of those are quite simple.
Bouree in Em by Bach. It's not folk, granted, but it's a fairly easy classical song, and it's uptempo so you have to move somewhat quickly. A good one to knock the dust outta the ol' joints.
Nothing Else Matter - Metallica

You don't even have to worry about your fretting hand on the intro, cause is played on open strings. Besides, thr song has everything you need to learn first: pull-off, hammer-ons, basic open chords, fingerpicking, basic strumming, artificial harmonics, glissando and even a little solo that is playable on acoustic to work on the bendings.
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alright thanks a lot mates, but there's another problem, i cant press the F chord properly, too many strings to press, any tips?
The F Chord is a barre chord - they can be veryyy tricky. A lot of beginners use a modified version of the F chord.

The proper version is: 133211
A slightly easier version: x 33211
Much easier: xx3211

In the second two your index finger needs to only cover the first two strings (high e and b strings). Then you use the middle finger for the "2" on the g string, and the ring and pinky for the for 4th and 5th strings. Is that clear enough, or should I explain further?