Silly question really but say you had a 5watt valve amp could you fiddle about with it if you knew what you were doing a get say 10 watts out of it?

if you can what would you need to do?

Dont qoute me on this because i could be completely wrong but i think Kerry (call1800ksmyazz) changes the transformer or something in Valve Juniors which increases the wattage.
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If you change the transformers to get more wattage be careful you don't outmatch the speaker because it'll will start to buzz or possible just break altogether
ah ok changing transformers that cool

yeah i want to try and supercharge a amp which is simialr to the epihone vavle junior i want to try and get some more power out of it

will be using it to run a 4x12

Kerry's VJ puts out 11 watts I think it was, but thats because of 2 power tubes & a new tranny.
A 5w amp may very well put out 11 watts stock when cranked...I've seen '100 watt' marshalls do 160 at full bore. New tubes and transformers would help, but keep in mind that would be mostly headroom gain and not volume, and it would probably be more efficient to just get a larger amp.
If an amp is not fixed bias and if the amp is biased a little cold stock (some are) you can rebias it hotter at your own risk. May add a little power, but more likely more distortion.
a more efficient speaker would get you more volume, but it won't be anything drastically louder
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insert more tubes? Isn't there spare slots?

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^Kerry has added sockets and transformers so you can do it...
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You can add tubes, this is true...but hard to do...and then you'd need a new OT, and possibly an new power trans too...which ends up being as expensive or more so than a new amp.

Whoever commented on speaker selection, bravo to you! Put a really efficient speaker in it, it'll make a huge difference (depending on what it has in it right now).

What you're looking for is a high "sensitivity" rating. 97-100dB is normal, 103 being "high". If you take a 25 watt amp with a 97dB speaker and put a 103dB in it, it'll sound as loud as a 100 watt with the original 97dB speaker in it.
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^Kerry has added sockets and transformers so you can do it...

Yes, but then it's a completely new amp- rather different than just swapping tubes. Also, I was thinking that the VJ cab may physically be too short to hold a KT88.

Edit: +1 speakers. Best way to more volume.