i have just started playing music in front of crowds. i love it but whenever i do a solo, my hands just start shaking and wont stop. im fine while im playing the melody but solo's are embarrassing. my friends think its cool, but im really annoyed. how do i stop it?
Since you're fine with the melody, it might help you out if you think of the solo as just part of that melody. Don't even call it a solo. If you think it's a solo, that technically means it's all up to you, and that might be making you nervous subconsciously.
I know it might sound very odd but try harnessing the nerves and using them to your favour. I absolutely crap myself before getting on stage but then I when I get up there I use all the adrenaline on playing and through this your alertness gets very high so you play everything damn near perfect, if not enhanced in some way!
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thanks. could it be something to do with playing in front of people you know? i sometimes find it harder to play in front of friends than in front of strangers. so do i just try and use all my energy in the guitar rather than worrying about stuff?
hey i know exactly how you feel i have the same thing. just wondering, do you improvise your solos? cause i do and i got really shaky in front of crowds. but i found that just warming up heaps really helps, just running through some licks an scales before you play for a while. worked for me, so see how that helps
lyrics - the gap between the solos
when i play songs that i wrote, i improvise solo's but if im doing a cover, i usually do the same solo
I don't know of any tricks to help with this, but if you keep playing in front of people it will probably become easier. It's always harder to play something if you're playing alone or if you're playing and everyone is watching you .

However, in terms of soloing in front of people it's probably best to make sure you get relaxed before the performance or else your nerves will be very tense and may be unabel to perform the motions required to play the solo or part of the solo.
its all about experience. Just keep doing it. I think any player that cares about what they are doing is going to be at least somewhat nervous.......eventually you will get used to it, and will be relaxed enough to channel that energy into the music. It can become a positive thing.