So the other day im jamming and right in the middle of playing a solo, our singer accidentally kicks the plug from my Peavey XXX out of the mains socket.

Before i could do anything he plugged the amp straight back in.......but it didnt turn on. Completely dead, no power indicator, no sound, nothing

Now im pretty worried and i dunno what to do. Checked the fuse in the plug but that was fine. To be honest my knowledge on how valve amps work isnt great, but i reallllllly want to sort this so any suggestions or help would be appreciated! Cheers
Well if the power indicator isnt coming on its obviously nothing to do with the tubes I would presume! (Could be incorrect)

I say buy a new fuse and try that!

And for the mean time try a lead off another amp!

I doubt it could be the tranny but you never know!

Hope it gets sorted man!
Try a different fuse even though this one doesn't seem to be bad, I've seen them blow inside the end cap where you can't see it. Test it with a multimeter if you have one.

If that's not it, I have to recommend you take it to a cometent reapair shop. Tube amps have very high voltage, literally deadly if you don't know how to work with it and drain the capacitors, they can hold a charge for months after being turned off unless drained properly. Voltages inside the amp, while running, can be well over 400 volts, and if it doesn't kill you it will put you in the hospital when you hit the other wall of the room. My Super Reverb measures around 440 - 445 volts in places...not something to take lightly...take it to a shop unless you are very familiar with working around high voltage.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
Good news already, the fuse in the amp was the problem...im pretty relieved. Thanks for the advice people.