Hello UG'ists

I recently came across a Westone Paduak 1 from 1973 which had been retro-fitted with a Schaller locking tremelo.

The bridge is a plastic top mounted Floyd Rose style trem (similar to the Kahler bridges available now) with a small switch at the back of it which can change the bridge from locked down to full floating.

The Schaller logo is printed into top of the bridge but I can't find any reference to this bridge anywhere.

Heres a picture (apologies for the quality, I used my phone), I hope this works...

Could anyone help me out with my mystery bridge dillema?
Well its certainly not a Schaller Floyd Rose (and if it is it's definitely the weirdest Floyd Rose I've ever seen) It has the Schaller logo printed into the top of it so I would think it is actually made by them unless some other company decided to use Schaller's logo to sell more of their own goods....

And it is very similar to the Kahler designs nowadays.
A bit more info:
This bridge does require a locking nut since it can be full floating.
To change the strings I have to depress the trem-bar all the way and use the plastic switch to lock the bridge in that position, showing the holes through which the strings poke, plus when doing this I can see the springs used to make the bridge work and the whole unit is entirely self contained on the front of the guitar - like a Kahler...but not.

I've searched high and low over the internet, scouring the depths of sub-forums and the nooks & crannies of guitar part sites but alas, I still can't find a thing.

EDIT: I've just remembered, on the picture the part on the left-hand side of the bridge where a lefty's trem-bar would go, has a hole where a thread could be added at a later date, to change the bridge from right-handed to left-handed, which is pretty cool
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yeah the roller saddles, the cam operation, as well as the surface mounting are all Kahler style. LAte 80's or early 90's
Thanks skag187, I could probably find out more if I took it apart to find the serial no. but I've just had it set up so maybe someday.