I own a classic 30, and whenever the amp starts to shake (mainly low chords like E) it makes a nasty popping noise. Does anyone know if its the tubes or something worse? Also, it only starts up after about 10 minutes after playing.
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Sounds like it only happens after your tubes warm-up... I'm not a valve expert. How long have those tubes been in the amp?
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It could be a loose tube filament or a tube loose in a socket. Something (like a jack) could be warming up and getting loose. Just to rule it out I would clean the jacks and pots, and check the wires going to and from the speaker. If you are diming the volume it could be a speaker issue. Might be ready to blow.
it could be the speaker, that is typical of a blown speaker, could also be that the tubes are gone, but that's usually accompanied by a loss of volume
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