Hello all. I'm quite new to electric guitars, and I encountered a small problem. Which is probably easy to fix, but it's really annoying. As I said, I'm a newbie so please don't expect me to know any guitar terms in english.

So, first of all, here is a picture of my guitar:

Isn't it cute?

Well, the problem is, that I was a *bit* too excited with the whammy bar, and ended up to this:

(It's just the cameras flash that makes it look dusty)

Anyway, as you can see, the D string is loose. I just heard a bang and it then it was like that. Got to be more careful with the whammy bar for now...

If it makes a change, the guitar also has 3 little taps or whatever they are called in the top, I suppose it's to keep the guitar in tune?

Might change nothing, but I'm just trying to be specific.

Anyway, all I need to do is to tighten the D string again. Do I need a tool or something to do it? As I said, I'm a newbie. Sorry for bugging you with this, but I would be really glad if somebody could help. Just ask and I'll do something in favor well, I'd be very grateful if you helped me in any way. Thanks in advance, and sorry once more for being a noobie.
that happend to me, theres an allen bolt under the string (well there is on mine) just tighten it up and you should be all set gien em all a tighten once in a while too theat might help.
Look up how to change a string on a locking tremolo at google or something. Strings do break.
get a right sized tool for the nut ( the things on the top) and see if the string has broken or just tighten it with the tuners.
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get a right sized tool for the nut ( the things on the top) and see if the string has broken or just tighten it with the tuners.

I should have been more specific. It's all tight on the top, the problem is that the guitar is loose from the bottom. Better picture:

So, it's loose from the bottom, not from the top. Any advice?
Looks like the saddle's come loose. Get your allen wrenches out. The three locks at the top of the guitar are called nut clamps, and are to keep the strings from moving forth and back, tearing against the nut when using the tremolo.

1. Loosen the nut clamps and loosen the D string until it's completely limp.
2. Push the saddle (that's the movable bit where the string is attached) back into its tracks and then tighten the allen screw located at the front of the saddle, beneath the string.
3. Re-tune, lock the nut clamps, done.
(4. You might want to check your intonation and adjust your saddle(s) accordingly, if you know how to. If not, now's the time to google on how to do it)

Make sure the saddle lock (the one beneath the string) is really well tightened. It's meant to be able to come loose so you can adjust the intonation, and it probably came loose when you were playing because it wasn't proberly tightened. If the thing happens again, though, take it to a guitar shop and see what they say about it.
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Thank you! That's just what I was looking for! I owe you one. Really, this made my day. Thanks again.