I just checked the Epiphone website and they now list most of their Les Pauls as just Mahogany(not mahogany/alder like before). Does this mean that they are REALLY going to use full mahogany now?
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well its sacreligous tbh if they are, it aint a les paul, cos it aint in his design

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seriously?? i really want them to make the Epi LP Standard Plus in full mahogany. I would get it in a flash if it was.

*fingers crossed*
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well its sacreligous tbh if they are, it aint a les paul, cos it aint in his design

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i think so too. They're mostly made in china now, and they use lower grade mahogany. From what I've heard,if you get some decent pickups, the tone really projects itself.

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If they did make a full mahongany one it'll be a step in the right direction at long last, all you would need to do is a simple upgrade with pups, maybe tuners and you'd have a pretty schexy and great guitar.
If you have a choice don't just settle for mahogany, try to get solid, one-piece or two-piece mahogany. If its just a multi mahogany sandwich it may not sound that much different. Kudos to Epi for eliminating the Alder/Mahogany sandwich.