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In the name of all that is caturday, this is blasphemy! BLASPHEMY, I tell you...

Anyway, enjoy

Post your high scores. Mine was 932 feet.
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1,246 feet, yeah baby!
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Oh man...I thought i did well with my pathetic:
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EDIT: People who have posted so far are all amateurs.


what angle are you shooting him from

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lol I just got 1,194. I wants a kitty. Not for these purposes though.
Not the way I play guitar hero. I 5 stared free bird on the first try! Ima be a rock star..... as soon as my parents buy me a guitar.
1 457ft
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I Use a purple pick.

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EDIT: People who have posted so far are all amateurs.

wow awesome explorer
how do you make i look like that ?
921 so far!

i say that 33,5 is the best angle

we should make a club! the: 33,5 Degrees is the best angle for kitten cannon club
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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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yeah we're all dead now. Turns out we've been in hell all along.

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EDIT: I just beat my score..... got a 32!!!!
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Kitten Cannon!! Holy ****!! I love this game so much. I swear to you I once got over 2300, no lie. Too bad I don't have any pics of it. Imma go play it now, I'll post some pics if I do good.
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1534 feet, i got 3 rocket balloons without hitting the ground
2,160with it going 178+ ft in the air

yay explosives

EDIT: to crud bucket. i got a 16
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She then turned away and whimpered.
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1853!!! Well chuffed...

EDIT: 2,116!!! How do you get a screenshot up on here?
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One of my friends once got 4000 feet on this. But he played it for about 4 hours a day. My best is 1,462 feet.
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wow awesome explorer
how do you make i look like that ?

Its firefox. And you can download skins for it. One of the many reasons to switch to Firefox.
807, so far..
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