ok so i just picked up bass after 2 years of guitar.. should i use pick of fingers?

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Use both depending on the song, what type of tone you need, the speed you want to play it. All in all, use both methods using your own judgement as to when you need to change. Have fun, use a pick, slap and fingerpick.
Yeah it's down to personal choice really, although I still think that best all round tone has got to be through fingers, as it sounds the most 'bassy'.
Pick of fingers, fingers of pick, whatever the song calls for.
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It all depends on the tone you want. Its always good to have a few picks around though, so don't completely neglect them.
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Whatever you feel like. I own picks, but I generally use my fingers. I'm much faster using them than I am a pick ¬_¬
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Quote by thefitz
Pick of fingers, fingers of pick, whatever the song calls for.

How about picky fingers, fitz?

Seriously, its what you prefer and what sound the genre you play calls for. I can use both but prefer picks only when I have to play surf music ala Dick Dale. I have more control when using fingers, but that's probably because I don't practice as much with a pick..