ok, ive got a Schecter C-1 Plus im working on cause the neck humbucker no longer puts any sound out. Gibson '57 Classic pups were installed by a tech at a shop and they work fine till just recientally. i figured something had come unsoldered because the bridge still works fine yet i get nothing from the neck, and yes i checked to make sure the volume was all the way up. so i open her up to see that everything is still soldered in place. so what could this be?

i also took some pics of the control cavity incase this helps, the neck volume is on the left

close up of the neck volume pot
The most likely thing is a cold-solder joint. The soldering job doesn't look top-notch. Don't jump on the tech but take it back and have him/her trouble-shoot it for you. May coincidentally be a bad pot or switch.
well i would take it back but the guy got fired about a month ago, kinda not suprised. and when you turn the knob a good bit some sound crackels through but thats about it. should i just resolder it?
There were some useful postings a couple of days ago on soldering technique. If you need some tips use the Search Function on UG. Good advice on removing and resoldering. Good luck.