i have a DiMarzio D Sonic im looking to sell. nothing wrong with it, just perfered the tone of my old JB so thats why i swapped them. im looking to get $50 obo shipped to the lower 48 states. here's some pics of it

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interested in trades

maybe, what kind of trades?

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I'll give you $45 shipped

if the trade thing doesnt work out, which im still debating weither or not to just go for cash, youll be the first to know
got a mxr zw overdrive a emg 81 a emg afterburner boss ns -2 probably better off goin with money though
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well i already have a noise gate and i have a overdrive just dont use it, my amp has enough gain. but the EMG 81 does spark my interest a bit. is it just the pup or is it the whole package like when you buy it new?
hey if the above guy falls through i got money in paypal and bank account ready to go that day