K well I'm having my cab delivered to my house today and I just wana double check on how to hook it up without blowing something up. To hook up my head (which I'm getting tommorow) I just match up the ohms right since its only one cab. But I'm not quite sure on how to hook the cab up as an external speaker for a transistor combo amp. Do i just plug it into any ohms on the back of the cab?

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does ur combo have an external speaker out? if so, you need to look at the amps manual.

how are u planning on hooking it up and what amp?

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K my combo's manuel doesnt say how to hook it up, it just says external speaker 8 ohms and it also says 8ohms on the back of the cab. Do i just put a speaker cable running from the combo jack to the cab jack? Do you do the same thing with a head?