so from some time when i first started doing bands..I got off on the wrong foot..members would treat practice as a time to dick around and not really practice..practice can be fun but we do need to get something accomplished..that band didnt work out too well..after maybe the 2nd practice the drummer said "i need a break" which was ridiculous...we ended up breaking up..etc..things like that within bands that really pissed me off..like people who made plans to practice but used it as an excuse to get high...I got tired of this so I figured there was more things to bands then this. I experimented and the setup I have now is working great (below)

here's what I now work under:
-Guitarists should have a very solid relationship (as should all members get along, harmony however is important)
-Guitarists generally "practice" alone with each other to build songs (ideas, brainstorm)
-Drummer, particularly practices beats,blasts and whatever he would like to bring to the band
-Band practice should only be done when you have material to "practice", showing up to practice means something you know, make sure you have things you came up with on the side to bring with you
-Generally the song writing process begins with preconstructed ideas, an unorganized practice will just leave people out, try not "jam" too much unless all the musicians are comfortable with that..but I feel it doesnt accomplish much accept to break people in (depends on your theory/skill level, just because someone cant jam doesnt mean they arent any good)
-Bassists tend to work with the guitarists for their lines as well as the drummer as a whole
-Vocals dont really come until the song is finished

I tend to give members the feel of that we dont have to rush much..but you do need to do things on your part. We dont practice until everyone has something to bring into it..

opinions? comments? etc...
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That's all well and good but you really need to find someone with the same ethics as you, or as dedicated, or it won't work. You have to be lenient in places. Otherwise that's a good criteria to work from, I'd do it
I tend to disagree I think that jamming is a really important part of the creative process it occasionally brings about ideas that people had previously never even imagined (in my experience anyways)
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-Vocals dont really come until the song is finished

well, thx, I was just about to start a small coverband, now we know what to do^^

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hmm pretty strict I guess, I guess the most important thing to me is to be in bands with people who want/NEED to take it all the way and know their instruments but are past that stage of being self indulgent with their instrument.

My serious band at the momtent is this one.. CLICK HERE I was really lucky to join a band with such cool people who know what thier doing!!

When we have practice we show up practice songs then the bassist and vocalist leave and me, the other guitarist and the drummer alone we look at any riffs (or just jam some out) then build an Intro, 1st verse and chorus with just drums and guitars then the bassist and vocalist come back in we write out or tell the bassist what chords or key we're in and he'll do the bass part while throwing some idea's around with the dummer then we just play the song though and the singer improvises (and writes.. sumtimes pull's out a pre-writtensong) and from there we arrange the track come up with middle sections ect.. a whole song comes around real quick cus we all know what we're doing, there are some times though when we finish the song come back to it at next practice and decide to drop it.

I know that seems like a weird setup but it really works, our bassist is very opinionated, dnt get me wrong hes a solid player and top bloke! but it can be hard to get far without sumthing going under the microscope (which aint what you want when your writing, that comes after). Our singers totally cool, Dont get me wrong EVERYBODY had equal and fair input!! and as far as I know everyone is 100% happy with the setup as it has been going..


My other band has JUST started its me a dummer and another guitarist (who has no previous experience) I thought it would be easy just like my other band but I got so frustrated I almost chucked it in.. the reason being working with a member with no experience is very difficult, they do just wana jam thinking a song will just happen or just stick one idea after another.. songs need to be solid and structured for example ... Intro - Verse x 4 - Chorus x 2 ...(some people dont like the idea of a solid song and those bands dont work out a lot of the time!), I have found sumtimes you just have to take charge and make things happen..

Man .. check out that essay.. damn Im bored lol, chris
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There is no ideal band process, its stupid even thinking about it. You just work with what is best with what you have, the equipment, the people and the time that you have, every band will be different and I know for a fact, I do things completly different to that and it works very well for me!

Key word is IDEAL, it's an individual opinion.
My main points seem to be:
- Everyone must be happy and comfortable with what they're doing and what is going on
- Communication is the single most important thing in a band
- Creativity is not something that can be rushed or forced upon people

But there are no specifics for how to do things, because everyone is different.
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