What are the best acoustic guitars out there? Everyone has their own opinion but which ones really are the best? Gibson, Fender, ect...........What are your thoughts?
Personally, I love the Gibson Montana Gold. Its an extremely expensive guitar but only the best. The only thing bad about it is Gibson's poor customer support.
get a taylor, petrucci and myself play it^^

or a martin, or a gibson...

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Taylor & Martin lead the way in some of the best.

But local luthiers can be better again.
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i quite like the higher end takamines personally, especially the ean10c (or tan10c) which is what i have. I find that they have a gorgeous balanced tone, not too brittle like some taylors or boomy like the gibson jumbos.
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I play a Morris. http://www.morrisguitars.com

I love it. I was going to buy a Gibson Hummingbird last year, but the shop that had one that I wanted sold it before I could buy it... So, rather than driving home empty handed I decided to try out a few of the other acoustics in my price range and that Morris stole my heart.

True story!

Martins are great too.
Depends on how much you're willing to spend. Some brands have excellent guitars in low price ranges but their pricier models arent up to standard (or vice versa). If money isnt an issue I would have to say Martin. Thats excluding custom built guitars though.
With acoustics, I look at two things. I have to have a slim neck, a tendon injury as a youngster makes fat necks impossible to play. This narrows things down considerably. A fat neck hurts my left hand.

Next, sound. Two identical guitars will almost always sound different, no matter what brand. I've seen a $300 or less Oscar Schmidt play and sound better than a $1200 Gibson, hanging on the same wall The identical Gibson next to it sounded nowhere near as good as either one.

I played a guitar in a pawn shop one day, I'd been looking for one with a neck I could handle for a long time, this one played well. This was the second time I had tried it out. Squatting on the floor playing it, I realized there were 10 or 12 people in the store, including employees, and I didn't hear anyone talking so I looked up. Everyone in the place was watching me.

I walked over to the counter and started haggling over price. If it sounds that good, everyone stops to listen to it, I want it...I still have it, probably never will let my Takamine go. I've played just about every brand acoustic you can think of, before and since, I think I've played maybe 5 that sound as good and two that played as good. Very few have gotten everyone's attention like that. I missed a chance on a very nice Guild, went back a few days later to give them a down payment, it was gone.

All that aside, I don't think brand maters as much as sound and playability. Two $1500 Martins, side by side will sound different and play different. You have to play them and decide which one suits you. I've seen some Taylors that sound like crap, Martins and Gibsons that sounded thin and lifeless, and Oscar Schmidt acoustics, Seagulls, Yamahas, etc for around $200 I was really impressed with.

You can't just say look at ______ brand, with acoustics. They all play and sound different. Let your fingers and ears decide, and if the least expensive guitar in the place sounds and plays best, that's the one you want. I always play a guitar for at least a half hour, because of the wrist injury I have to be really picky about guitar necks, even one that feels decent may make my wrist and forearm hurt in about 15 minutes or so. I made the mistake of buying a Sigma years ago after playing it 5 minutes or less. Sounded great, played pretty good, but after 20 minutes with it, I was in pain...finally got rid of it.

Play and listen, let sound and feel decide for you.
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I agree with Pete; you really have to go out there and try all of them. For me, I tried Takamines, Yamahas, Ovations, and Breedloves. I decided on a Martin D-16GT, though it took three more paychecks...well worth it. I am glad I didn't settle, I play a lot more often now.
I bought a Martin D-35 34 years ago and never regretted it. I think an important element is a well made guitar that is taken care of and ages gracefully. It is not an answer to your question for buying a guitar but a good long term plan to own a great guitar.
How about the Zager Zad 80. Have one and it's the best guitar I own better than the Martin, Martin, Breedlove and Parkwood.