ive got an epiphone les paul standard and im having a problem with it.

The last time i played on it was probably about a month ago and then i went away on holiday. When i came back the first thing i did was plug my guitar in (obviously) and there seems to be no sound coming out of it whatsoever.

Its not the amp because ive tried other guitars on it and it also isnt my effects. I have tried all the different settings on my guitar (rythm, treble, tone, volume etc) but still no luck.

I was having problems with it previously as the little nut that is screwed onto the input jack on the guitar keeps falling off, maybe this is part of the problem?

Im just searching for any options/solutions really before I take it for repair to save me some money

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Input jack prolly needs resoldering. Especially if youve been tightening it without unscrewing it first. I did the same with my jag. Quick 2 minute fix with a soldering iron, good as new now.
Move the cable's jack around. Push it in and turn it around inside the jack (no perverted thoughts, please). If you hear a sudden crack or any sort of signal coming, it means the prongs of the guitar's jack are bent and do not make proper contact with the cable.

Open up the control cavity and have a look. Bend the jack's prongs slightly inward. Also look for any disconnected wires n stuff.
i has this porblem with my epi. what it probaly is that the wire has snapped of the jack its just a simple souldering job and if you take it to a music shops they'll put some wood plugs in to stop it falling out which should stop it
it's probably because it's an epiphone... nah, jk^^

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okay thanks people

sashki i moved the jack around with the cable in and i get a very distorted 'rumble' when i strum the strings but thats about it.
like becky said, u need to check the two wires that run to the jack.
if one is off, then go buy a $10 soldering iron kit and solder them back on.


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Unscrew the jack plate and look inside if any wires soldered on are firm. Since there is, as you put it, 'rumbling' when moving around the jack then it could be the trs is not making consistent contact with the plug internally, hence the crackling noises when moving it. I've come across numerous incidents that did so. If the wires seem fine then the diagnosis above is most probable.
Resolder the wires on your output jack (There's a white one and a black one). IT's an extremely common problem, happened to my yamaha about 1500 times when it was my primary guitar.
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