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Just a quick question :-

I wanted to take the pickup covers off of my Les Paul custom copy, I've seen Slash and some other guitarists do it and it looks pretty cool, so I just wanted to check it out. But I'm not sure what to unscrew - the actual screws IN the pickup, or the screws AROUND the pickup. There's a pic of the Les Paul I mean on my profile if you don't get me.

i think the only thing to do is rip them off, i was going to do the same to my HH tele pickups but there wasn't anywhere to unscrew the covers. also i think that most people would've just bought new pickups without the covers, the only person i think that actually ripped them off was jeff beck.

also they don't do it just because of the way it looks. it actually affects the way it sounds, although i'm not sure how or why.
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i don't think u do. the LP custom looks super hot and i don't want u to mess with it.

and taking a cover of a humbucker off is pain just to tell you.

there are replacement pickups from allt hese makers that come WITHOUT the pickup covers. buy those, and that will help. but i still like the gold humbuckers.

^for you, taking a humbucker cover off is hard because 1 take off strings of your guitar, 2 take pickups off, 3 work on top of your guitar unless you desolder the pickup leads, 4 solder off the cover (yes it's connected with solder.), 5 it will be hard to touch the pickup cover because it will be hot as hell, and 6 putting it back in will be pain without the cover.

for the effect of this, when u take the covers off, it sounds more open. versus the cover on, it sounds compressed.
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^ Actually all of the steps you listed wont be a problem, you'll need to do it without your strings and takethe pup out of te pick up ring but the hard thing will be is desoldering the cover to the bass, then breaking the wax seal that basically glues the cover on