I'm in need of new strings and am wanting to try something with more tension. I tune to D-standard or drop-d down a step. Would 58-60's be fine? I've got a floating trem with currently 3 springs in the back and have an extra if needs be

Try 10-58
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.10 would probably be the best for this. Depends on your own preference really, I always play .11's but that's because I play heavy music most of the time and the heavy strings are better for it.
I always had a problem with .10s when I tuned down any further than D, so .11s would probably be better, but that is partly preference so you may want to try both.
get 7 string set, 10-56 and just not use the size 10, or if you like to shred high notes put the last two small strings on the end, since you have 7 strings to choose from you have a few variations to fiddle with

which means 13-56, usually cheaper to buy 7 string set to do this, + it gives you options+ it has 4 wond strings

preferably Ernie Ball ®
well, what gauge do you use now? 60's will most likely be too much. I use 11's and they can do d standard and drop-d down one step fine, but if I was going to keep a guitar in those tunings I'd go with 12's or 13's. If you go that high you will deffinately need the extra spring, and you'll have to get your intonation set as well. (or just do it yourself if you know how)
I use the Zakk Wylde GHSs (10-60) and they're great. I play in drop C mostly and they're awesome for it. The thinner strings on the first couple strings is also useful for playing lead and then the heavier ones on the top for heavy palm mutes.

In my SG (Which is tuned to drop D most of the time) I use Hybrid Slinkies, they work well, but if you decide to tune to C or Drop C, you might have problems, they get a little flimsy, not A LOT, but it's easier to play on the Zakk Wylde ones at that tuning than the Slinkies.
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