ok y'all.

i am in need of advice.

my problem is that when playing palm muted notes, my hand is at the bridge. however, when i play a pinch harmonic, the sweet spot that i want is a bit too far from the bridge to stretch. This makes its a little sloppy when playing things which involve switching between the two quickly when playing fast and with distortion .
should i a) stop being a wuss and get on with it
b) change where i palm mute for sections in which i flick between chugging and pinch harmios

i know the sound i want, so i cant really change the point at which i produce the A.harmonic.

overall any tips?

help much appreciated
What do you mean the sweet spot is too far from the bridge to stretch?!?

I dont understand what ur asking? are you saying after playing a palm muted passage you cant hit a pinch harmonic?!?
just play around with it and practice. will end up finding a way that you like
sorry if i didnt make myself understood, im bad at putting things into text.

i just want any tips for making the transition between a pinch harmonic and a palm muted chord smoother, so less background noise is made making it sounds less sloppy.