Hi. I started playing on the electric guitar and never gave the acoustic much time. But now I want to learn some acoustic songs and want to ask if you can suggest me some. Not too hard though, im not great. Fingerpicking songs would also be cool
Well, what type of music are you into? I find most of the folks on here are youngsters and more into metal than anything else, in which case I can't help much, I'm not into metal at all.

But I'll throw a couple of things out anyway, classic rock stuff...

For fingerpicking, old faithful, Stairway to Heaven is always a good one to learn, it's basic fingerpicking and the chords aren't too difficult to deal with. It's in A, take it from there.

Tom Petty did one in drop D called Don't Fade on Me on the Wildflowers CD, a bit more difficult, but playable, I learned it in a couple of days listening to it and tinkering around to find the chords.

Peter Frampton's Penny For Your Thoughts is one tough mama in open G, but a really nice tune if you can work it up. Same for the Beatles' Blackbird, also open G but not as difficult.

Also in open G is the Doobie Brothers South City Midnight Lady, one nice tune and not too hard once you figure out the chords, but there's a lot of 'em, and it's kind of half chords half lead, to make it sound right.

Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here is a good one, but not fingerpicked. First full chord is Em.

Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well is an old favorite, in E and a good one for speed, dexterity and accuracy too.

For general acoustic songs, fingerpicking or no, there's Eagles, America, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, a few Clapton tunes, and some of the newer stuff is acoustic but I can't think of any right now. Every Rose Has its Thorn comes to mind.. (I hate that song...)

Also a lot of songs can be transposed to acoustic. I've done Elton John's Madman Across the Water and it works pretty well on one acoustic, for a song that was really thick with keyboards and orchestrated parts. Same for the Eagles' Last Resort, from Hotel California I think. Try a few and see, you never know what you may stumble on that sounds as good acoustic as it did electric. Clapton did that with Layla for the Unplugged show, plus a couple of others. I also saw Kings X a few years ago, just a short all acoustic set and it was great, and that's a pretty heavy band...they did their own electric songs, but on acoustics and I loved it. Over My Head was one of the tunes they played, and It's Love was another, I didn't know any of the other tunes.

Try it and see you never know...
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thanks for your reply. im into classic rock yeah and i'll check out your suggestions.

another question though. is it normal that when you just start fingerpicking you barely can get any sound out of the guitar? and did your picking fingers also itch when you started? its very annoying
I'm not sure about the itching, but it'll take a while for you to get the technique down to the point that you can generate some volume. Practice some songs and build up your finger stregenth[sic] and the volume will come.
try Message in a Bottle - The Police
its not that hard to learn and it sounds really nice acoustically
There's a good thread in the Acoustic Guitar forum that has a pretty big list of songs to learn. Check it out.

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