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Hey, i am currently making a bass, its my first attempt at making anything so avice would be greatly appriciated.
Anywho, i got the neck off ebay, its bassicly a P bass neck with no decal, seems pretty good quality. For the body I got some African mahogany also from ebay.
I have decided on the body shape, its one i designed myself and have started cutting it out, my options have been reduced to a coping saw so its taking a while especialy as i just snapped the blade. should be able to get a new one tomorow though.

1st question. I want to wire it like this;

but what type of pot is the blend controll and where could i find one?

Thanks for any help.

Oh and no pictures yet, my parents are on holiday and took the camera with them

Edit: would I be right in thinking its just a stereo pot?

2nd Edit: i thought i'd add some specs.
bolt on maple neck with rosewood fretboard
African mahogany body
P bass pickup in the neck/middlish and Jazz bass pickup in the bridge with master volume and master tone and a blend controll.
all hardware (and pickups and stuff) will be from GFS and chrome but im thinking about making knobs out of remaining mahogany.
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you mean start a new thread? there is a button right under the list of threads on a forum page
wowz, complex.

ask in gear and accessories maybe?

theres some knowlegable guys there who might know where to get one
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thanks but i'd rather not make two threads on the same thing.
I got some new blades and shall continue cutting the body soon.
could anyone conferm that it is a stereo pot?
No one seems particularly interested but here's a small update:

Nearly 3 hours and 2 blades later I just finnished cutting out the basic shape. i'll be planing and sanding and stuff to finnish off the shape tomorow.
holy god you cut it with a coping saw, do you have a router, if you dont what tools do you have i could help you by giving you ideas on what to use.
haha yeah it was a bit of a bugger but i dont have a ban saw and th jigsaw blade was to short, wasnt so bad.
I Have a router, electric planer and electric sander and drill, think i got pretty much everything else i need but thanks for the offer!
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sorry parents wont be back till saterday so no pics till then. although i will see what i can do with my phone camera.
My dad didnt want me to use the router when he wasnt there. anywho its done now.

Small update;
i finnished shaping the body, just need to sand it all smooth.

still no pics sorry but i should be able to get some tomorow although there wont be any of anything before where i am now.
Normal pot. Has three contacts. One pickup wil attach to one side, the other to the other side. In the middle is the lead that will go to your jack.
thanks, but how would that wire up with the maser volume and tone?
its not a normal pot the diagram linked in the 1st post has.
sorry im a bit of an fool with guitar wiring.
Thanks, hope it turns out half as good as your strat build.


Close up

neck in (just placed, not bolted)

close up

I'll be ordering the hardware and pickups as soon as my dad gives me my money, for some reason my work payed him instead of me... :S
whats the fun in that lol. j/k its a pretty important step, i wouldnt wanna mess it up on my first build either.
Quote by Pink_Zeppelin
I should get payed on tuesday so i'll be ordering the hardware as soon as possible, would i be right in thinking that these would be to small for bass strings?

if so, does anyone know where i could get bass ferrules and a stereo pot, preferably in the UK or euope?


You'd need Bass ferrules ... those are about a buck a piece if not less, at most. The stereo pots are about $10. Most guitar shops here in the US sell those. If they're not available locally, check online or eBay?

So far it looks good!

ta, I'll have a look around online, gutar shops over here seem less inclined to sell parts like that.
Most of the parts came today, just need ferrules and stereo pot.

But i have a problem; the holes for the tuners are too big for the tuners i have. can anyone suggest a solution?

Edit: would it be easier to send them back and replace them with larger tuners?
bear in mind im in the UK.
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I have looked there, they only have a 500k sereo pot and oly guitar ferrules. thanks anyway.
I've routed the bridge pickup hole now. too dark to take pics now though.

Edit: Allparts had ferrules and pot instock so they are now ordered
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Ok, havn't updated in ages, progress has been quite slow but is now very close to completion.

The body is finnished and i just applies the 1st coat of danish oil.



I've stripped the neck of its old finnish and have given it a tung oil finnish, so all thats left is assembly and electronics so it shouldn't be long at all.
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This might just be the way the grain looks under the light, but it looks like there are a couple bits on the outside of the horns that need sanded some more...

Cool build though
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Interesting body shape you've got there. Quite distinctive, but easy on the eye as well. Nice one.
It's looking good so far!
Thanks guys, I wasn't sure if people would like it or not.
Just done the fourth coat. another four should be enough i think.
Looks pretty sweet!

Almost Warwickish, I like it a lot!
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Its all finnished exept sting retainer, strap buttons and strings. I was going to wait till it was completely done to post pics and stuff but the strings are taking a while to come, i ordered them from along with some other stuff for my guitar about 2 weeks ago and the order is still processing. I'll try and get some pics up later.

Edit: Took some pics but the lighting is bad so quality isnt great but it'll do till I get the strings and stuff.

Don't know why I took this one. But i did so thought i might aswell put it up here.

Oh yeah and it hasn't got any knobs yet either, that one is from my old guitar.
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The strings finally came. It still needs string guide and knobs, and I’m going to put on the strap buttons later.
There's quite a bit of neck bow, I've tightened the truss rod a little, how long should I wait before adjusting it again? And should I leave the strings lose or tighten them up?


Nice build dude, seriously makes me wanna build a bass as well but i dont got access to many tools
haha yeah, I thought I'd keep to the UG tradition.

You dont realy need alot of tools, they make it easier but aren't completely necessary. A router, electric planer, electric sander and drill are the only power tools I used. But i dont recomend cutting out the body with a coping saw, it's hard work.
It's all finnished now, got new knobs and a string guide. I might get a new nut sometime but overall I'm very happy with it. I'll get more pics if people want them.
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