This is the 300watt solid state Laney head that Laney make

But yeah anyway, it has 2 loudspeaker jack outputs.

But the cabinets (RB410 and RB115) can be connecting using 'series linking'.
This is because the cabs have a head 'input' and a link 'output' on them.

So that means I can have 2 cabinets linked out of 1 loudspeaker jack.

......Can someone tell me, does this mean I can link 4! cabs out of the 2 jacks on the head... or will somthing blow up.....?

Remember you have to get the impedances right, and the wattage going out to the cabs.
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Right ok.

Well if its going at 300watts into 8ohms using 2 cabs from 1 jack output. Would using 2 split the resistance to 4ohms out of each?
Being as it is not a stereo head you cannot run two sets of cabs from the separate outputs, the resistance would be too low and would cause damage to the head.
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