Hi dudes,

i hope that im in the right place here :P

i need some help from you... im serious about this
started playing guitar about... i don't know 6-8 months ago?... and the thing is that i'm currently taking some lessons...

but i didnt' really learn that much... only some special parts out of a song (not the whole song, doh! like into the fire, beat it, unforgiven and some beatles stuff)

so i just want to ask you for some tips, you could maybe give me for becoming better (i know the main part is to practise alot ... and i will practise)
but really dudes... tell me what songs i should learn and what techniques i should train... espacially for the "begining"

i'm reall clueless and a bit confused at the moment.. so i guess you can help me out :P

thx alot
Open Chords (and their names, the major and minor ones), scales (don't have to necessarily worry about the names although it helps later on, it's more for finger dexterity at the start), picking technique (use down/upwards picking separately in the scales and then try out alternate picking when you're comfortable with the other two), and most importantly...learn some songs that you want to learn. You'll find that you will have alot more fun learning things that you like, not necessarily things that you are "supposed" to learn. Granted, you need to learn some theory alongside but whenever you start getting into a rut look up that song you always wanted to play but never learned, if it's way too hard then maybe save it for later but I find it's good to aim a little out of your own league so you can push yourself to improve.

If you have the chords down learn some songs that include strumming and picking (ex. Fade to Black acoustic verse sections). Practice different strum patterns, etc. Try using chords from a song you like and then changing the strum pattern/picking different notes in the chord to make your own song, experiment.
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And never pass up a chance to pick some guitar with a better player, you'll have to work for it and you'll learn something.
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i would deffinetly say work on your alternate picking if you aren't already. it makes you play much faster and a great way to practice it is either with scales or just going down the neck (1 2 3 4 move down a string 1234 move down a string 1234 etc. and then do it backwards.) the other thing is practice your chord transitions meaning gettin the switching from one chord to another swift and smooth. so good song to practice that kind of thing are Highway to Hell by ac/dc wild thing by the troggs and many more. basically play this chord progression D, G, Em, C, Am, E and play it over again. you can play it with any strum you want. just take it slowly at first and speed it up every 2 days or so until and after 2 weeks of practicing it will just become natural to you and you will be able to do it without thinking. the last thing i will tell you is practice your power chords. just mess around switching from one to another with distortion and you'll be able to play songs like smoke on the water and ironman that are so easy but are fun to just jam too. GOOD LUCK!