Hey guys...Ive been playing for about a year now. Last year I got (as a gift) the Squire Strat Pak. While it has been good to me, I do see its problems. So I am looking for a decent 2nd guitar that I can progress with. I have my basic open chords down, some scales, and mostly play powerchords and solos.

I play alot of wolfmother and white stripes to practice.

Price range- Less than $400...not including a new amp, that will come after

Hope thats not too vague, I really dont know too much about guitars to tell a good one from another, and im kinda embarassed to go play in a store and this point HAHA

wait, why exactly do you need a new guitar? it seems like the one you have seems to be fine for your current situation, like is it broke or something
I started with a Peavey Raptor EXP (Strat rip off) and my 2nd was my Epi LP Studio - it made a big difference going from the Peavey to the Epi. But it depends on what you like. Just go out and start playing different styles and see what works for you

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epiphone sg G-400 is a good second guitar. Its what I got and its perfect.
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i'd check out your local guitar center or music shop and see what kind of deals they have there. i pretty much only buy used gear now and it saves me tons of $$$. i just picked up an ibanez s470 with a dimebucker in the bridge for 375, usually that'd cost about 900 with the cost of the new guitar and pickup/installation. so it's a good idea.
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well you have two decisions. if you want to stick with the strat look, buy a real fender. you can find one for 400 http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_fender_standard_stratocaster_electric_guitar?full_sku=103575189
there are also so more fenders for that price. the other thing i would reccomend is the epiphone les paul standard http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_epiphone_les_paul_standard_electric_guitar?full_sku=101822443
for 50 dollars more you can get the epiphone les paul classic quilt top which is so worth the extra fifty because it is so much better looking. sound wise they are around the same level.
Bah. I'd upgrade the amp first; maybe take the Squire to a guitar tech at a local hole-in the wall shop to have it set up right, but seriously a Squire plays just fine and doesn't sound half as awful as is commonly made out.

A Fender Frontman 15 on the other hand BLOWS. Based on the sound you're into I'd look into getting a Palomino V16. The tone of that amp will carry the guitar and if you really think the electronics suck too much (and honestly they do, just not as much as the amp) then get a Mighty Mite prewired pickgaurd. They're not that expensive and between that and some cheap parts (new tuners and bridge) available on Guitarfetish you can easily bring the Squire strat up to Mex Fender level without spending so much $$$.
Well the squire issue is that I dropped it (learned to never trust straps) and the body is messed up...and string 3 always buzzes. I took it to a shop to get it setup but its still doesnt sound right. It also always comes out of tune. Its an ok guitar, but compared to others ive played it feels 'cheap'.

Im not against keeping the squire, I have some extra money and thought maybe i'd upgrade. But Im also not in a hurry. Maybe I should look at getting a new amp first.

Im going to read all the replies...thanks for the feedback guys!!!

BTW I love matt Bellamy...

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