Hey. I have like a little over 1k usd and I'm looking for an amp used or new. It has to be tube. It doesn't matter if its a head or combo but I'm looking for something versatile with a smooth/warm distortion.
I've tried a lot of mainstream amps and none of them seem to work for me or sertain things about certain amps do. lol. The best high gain I've heard is from a Diezel Einstien but they of course are $3100. The best crunch I've found is through a couple Marshalls and Peavey JSX. The best cleans are from random fenders and Peavey JSX.
I'm looking at the Laney Lionheart right now and it seems like it has versatile sound but only a clean and drive channel which is ok but two channels arent much for live performance. Anyway thanks. Any comments at all is helpful. lol.
what kind of music do you play?
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Quote by Hammett5
what kind of music do you play?

Well I pretty much play everything but my main style is rock. Classic through new Alternative. So I love my U2, Van Halen, Rush, Guns n' Roses ect but I also like my Breaking Benjamin, Alter Bridge, Red, Killswitch engage ETC