Ever been caught playing air guitar??? cmon we all do it... How did you feel and who caught you? what did they say
nope...whenever i feel the need to play guitar i play a real guitar...i know, it's crazy
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me and my friends play air guitar and try to guess what song they are playing
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I just pick up my guitar and unplug it, then just rock around with no lead and pretend im in a music video :P
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me and my friends play air guitar and try to guess what song they are playing

PLEEEEASE elaborate a little more. I cant get the idea but sounds fun.
im not shy about my air guitar, whenever listening to a sick song, or if i have my guitar handy i play that instead
I was once caught playing air-bass if that counts...

I was in my room, and I had my Level 42 CD on. Now the bassist and lead singer of this band, Mark King, is a slap-bassist. So I began to copy his thumb technique, uisng my right leg as the fretboard. Needless to say, my cousin, who doesn't have the first clue about bass or slap, walked in on me right as I got to the solo. He just gave me the strangest look and walked back out.

The sad thing was that my timing and slap-pop was bang-on....
i just plug my guitar into amy marshall ms-2 and walk around and jump while playing, or practise finger tapping at skl and get wierd looks
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yeah. sat on the school bus this morning listening to pantera. I was air guitaring without realising it and EVERYONE on the bus was stareing/laughing at me
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Caught implies it's some kind of guilty 'secret' like fapping. Screw dancing, I play air guitar. Or air maracas.
I did absent mindedly on the bus today. Going crazy to a Lamb of God song. My friend was looking t me weirdly and all the year 8's were staring at me bewildered at the long haired 6th former going crazy.
I do it all the time. I got some song stuck in my head, I air guitar it out. Or I also try to write songs in my head.
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I got kicked out of a Mac store when me and my friends simultaneously put on meatspin on all of the computers in the store. Some eleven or twelve year old looking girls there freaked out.
i was playing guitar and headbanging and my mum came in my room and scared the hell of me :P
I play air guitar for my friends and family all the time.
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yeah my cousins gf walked in while i was air guitaring to some lamb of god when i was moving recently. i kinda just was like, "yeah this song rocks" and kept air guitaring lol
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Haha, not really caught as much as I don't care who sees it.
I used to air-guitar to things only I could hear with my headphones on in grade six, because I thought people would be like "Oh wow, I bet you he can really play guitar!".

I'm such an idiot.
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Lol yeah once I was going crazy and air guitaring and my mom walked in and was like o.O. She knew what I was doing after a sec and tried not to embaress me though.
Haha yeah, all the time, especially while I'm walking to class and listening to my iPod. No biggie though.
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Got caught broom guitaring
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All the time :P
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

Last year I had my big headphones on during architecture class and I was playing bass on a T-Square. I got the entire class staring
i hate when i get caught by my parents. i laugh when my poser friends do it cause they're like *insert gay band* IS SO METAL
I'm a two-time, currently reigning, guitar champion of my town!

I won a guitar for the second one

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I just pick up my guitar and unplug it, then just rock around with no lead and pretend im in a music video :P

Hahaha so do I XD.
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ha got caught with some slipknot about 10 minutes ago...

and i hav a video of my brother rockin to crazy train on my phone

edit: then he noticed after about 5 seconds that i wasnt texting...cuz i was lauging and he flipped the bird
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Caught? Embrace it, man! Every time a song I know is playing I'll air guitar along with it as everybody in the room looks at me like I'm a complete jackass. I actually taught my friend how to play the stairway to heaven solo through air guitar, although it did end up in the wrong key.

QFT. It is a thing of joy and wonder. Though my parents have once or twice come in while I've been air guitaring, that's a strange situation for all of us, although not an embarrassing one.
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yeah i get caught air guitaring all the time. jus last year i had bought the AC/DC live album and i air guitared the entire thing in my bar area then while i was twenty minutes into or so i noticed my sister was there
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