Ok so since I have my permit, and have about 1500 dollars saved up, and will get help from parents and job, I am looking at cars. So my favorite one is a 1998 sedan jetta. Are these known to be reliable cars with good gas mileage? I read the highway MPG is about 30, which is great, but it doesn't have to be exact. So basically, am I going to have to put a lot of repair money into it? Or is it pretty reliable?

Jetta's are pretty damn reliable, we had a '92 jetta and it only died on us this year. It was a little loud though, we nicknamed it the tank.

P.S. If you have cold winters, plug the car in overnight. If you don't you might have a hard time starting it.
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We used to have an old 80s Jetta (can't remember the year, probably around '86 or something). It was a great car - very reliable and it served us well for a while (it was a second car, but still)
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