The title is misleading. Haiku are a single verse of 5-7-5 syllables, usually (in modern, Western terms anyway), but I've deviated slightly to fit a number of haiku into one series which reads as a single poem. Also, for my syllable count, I only made sure that there were 17 or less syllables, regardless of 5-7-5.

I fell for you
When the sky was blue…
I ask; you – I do.

Wedding bells toll
And the doves sing sweetly;
For my golden maiden.

Bouquet of hyacinth;
Lilt in a summer breeze.
Sourness arrived.

A long day indeed;
The fair weather turned pale.
A dead day for me.

And death is here now,
That great show-stopper smiles;
Hand upon my shoulder.

Fade away; dusk, dark.
Moon smiles, happy, laughing, mocking;
Smile somewhere else.
Matt and Randy's AIM Reviews!!!

matt is art: I don't even know where to start
UncleStellar: "I fell for you, When the sky was blue…I ask; you – I do." You do what? And what's with fucking semicolon?
matt is art: Dr. Suess didn't use a semi-colon.
UncleStellar: Sure didnt
matt is art: he used pretty much the same rhyme scheme
matt is art: YOU
matt is art: BLUE
matt is art: DO
UncleStellar: JEW
matt is art: I think my four old cousin can think of better rhymes
UncleStellar: "Bouquet of hyacinth;" what the fucks a hyacinth? Not all of are fluent in Fagonese.
UncleStellar: and again with the semicolon
matt is art: Plus the actual lyrics, I think Scott Stapp wrote this 8 years ago on the first creed album
UncleStellar: I believe he did
matt is art: This is Edgar Allen Poe
matt is art: Golded Maiden
matt is art: like
UncleStellar: This all reads like a B-side from a Soundgarden song
matt is art: hahaha, it does.
matt is art: I can hear the sweet raspy croon.
matt is art: The fair weather turned pale.
matt is art: Much like who ever wrote this poem?
matt is art: I bet fifty dollars, that whoever wrote this sits in his room, thinking of alternate words something like...watch.
UncleStellar: "Fade away; dusk, dark." He wrote dusk and dark as just two words. What are their purposes? To come right after one another?
matt is art: Oh god
matt is art: haha
UncleStellar: This guy probably calls a watch a chornograph
matt is art: I think he forget at the beginning to include, "Co-written by William Shakespeare."
matt is art: HARK, FOUL DUSK, DARK!
UncleStellar: Co-written by Jesus or whoever the fuck wrote the Bible
matt is art: Who speaks like this?
UncleStellar: "Thou awkoke from thou sleep and thy made himself a pancaketh!"
matt is art: Moon smiles, happy, laughing, mocking; (another semi-colon)
matt is art: I think these are all metaphors for how this kid got made fun of for speaking like an old english gent for the majority of his schooling.
UncleStellar: Hyacinth, sourness - two entries from a Word A Day calendar
UncleStellar: This guys life has probably been like:
UncleStellar: "Thou knoweth thy answer to this particular Math problem, thou does indeed thy know"
UncleStellar: to which someone yells:
UncleStellar: "Shut up, faggot!"
matt is art: "Write a new poem I will! Showest these hobgoblins who their lyrical king is thou art, I!"
matt is art: I forget a semi-colon, fuck.
UncleStellar: This shit makes me wish someone could blow up the Twin Towers again
matt is art: haha
UncleStellar: Goddamn, my hair hurts!
UncleStellar: grrr
matt is art: Ugh
matt is art: Sourness arrived is my favorite line
matt is art: I'm going to start saying that when someone farts.
UncleStellar: I'm glad it arrived. I was worried it would be late.
matt is art: the wording is so hilarious
matt is art: I'm sure there should be a has, or will, or something that he just forgot to add because he was too busy thinking of that genius line.
UncleStellar: It's like Yoda wrote this while sitting at a Starbucks with cool people. Also, he was a faggot.
matt is art: Yoda or the guy who wrote this?
UncleStellar: If Yoda were a fag and wrote this at a Starbucks.
UncleStellar: Which is what it looks like
UncleStellar: oops
UncleStellar: i mean
UncleStellar: Which is what like, it looks
matt is art: Good god, the end.
UncleStellar: yes, we've plumbed the depths. I just want to say one last word:
UncleStellar: Faggot.
matt is art: Faggot arrived.
Poor advice.